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Tim's Philosophy of Wedding Photography

Bridal Preparations I've been based in Beckenham in Kent and providing informal Wedding Photography for quite a while now and one principle, above all, has guided me during this time. It is this : Don't be a pain in the ass. Photography, even of the wedding variety, can and should be a nice uncomplicated business. Get the job done, and don't get in the way. Be personable, efficient and unobtrusive, not part of the entertainment.

How the day went

On a bridgeI've never cared for the term photo-journalist; it always sounds to me as if I'm covering the fall of the Berlin Wall, or driving into Baghdad on top of a tank. It's really more of a storybook approach, where the pictures, when taken together, give you a real idea of how it was on the day.

Styles of picture

There are two kinds of photograph that get taken at Weddings; ones that you're aware of, and ones you're not. Regarding the first type; Claudia Schiffer looks very good when smiling for the camera, but then she's had time to practice. Most other people look better when they're not being ordered to smile. Obviously there ought to be some formals, it's expected, but not hundreds, and the trick is to take them as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Full coverage

Beautiful brideBecause of the way I do things, I like to be there throughout the proceedings whenever possible. From the preparations up until the disco kicks in. (Some people choose not to have me at the bride's house beforehand, which is fair enough; it can be a little tense) .
I generally stick around until the second or third dance, by which time, frankly, I'm starting to repeat myself. Also, there's only so many pictures of people boogying that anyone could want.
As a result, although I offer a range of packages, they don't actually look very different from your point-of-view; I'm still with you all day, and I take the same number of shots. It's only what I do with them afterwards that changes.


Bride and her bridesmaidsAs a rule, I deal in 9" X 6" prints, on Matt paper with a white border, but only as a rule. These days some people like to have the whole thing on a dvd, either as well as, or even instead of prints. You can have also have slideshows that play on the tv. It's up to you.
I use digital mostly, but I also have film as backup, and I always carry with me a camera loaded with black-and-white film. Often, the black-and-white shots turn out to be the most popular ones. But again, it's up to you; I'm there for your benefit, not the other way round.

Your own web-page

ArrivingIf you wish, you can have your pictures put on a private page on this site. It makes it a lot easier for friends and relations to take a look, and if anyone wishes to order reprints, they can do it direct, through the site, rather than bothering you when you have better things to be getting on with.

Packages, prices and contact details

All right, now you know what kind of things I'm offering, now you can find out how much it's all going to cost. No need to panic.


A formal lineupIf you've looked at the prices page and you need a bit more persuading, here's a gallery of pictures to do just that.
These are all pictures (used with permission, naturally) of actual weddings, with actual real people getting married. Which is not meant to be a dig at some photographers' websites I've seen lately.

( Depending on your security settings, Internet Explorer may well ask you if you're sure you really want to do something as foolhardy as to look at my picture gallery. If it does, just say 'Yes, please' and tell it to mind its own business. Then download Firefox.)

Portrait Photography

Theatre photography etc.

You're obviously here because you're interested in wedding photography, but just in case you might also be interested in the other stuff that I do, come and see the other half of the site.

So Tim, tell me about yourself..

Who, and where I am, why I do what I do, and when. Or if. And since when. 'Tim Hinchliffe; The Story So Far '.