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Amateur and Semi-Pro Productions

For productions where there's a chance I can sell copies to the members of the company, or their friends and relatives, I don't charge for taking them in the first place, only for providing a set of prints for display, if that's what you require, and even then only whatever it costs me to get them printed and delivered. I then charge £3.00 for a 9" X6" reprint, £2.00 for 7" X 5". On the other hand you may purchase the whole set on a CD, at printable size, for only £10.00. The number of pictures in the set varies, depending on cast numbers, and other factors, but it's never fewer than 30, and often more than 100 if I get carried away.

Professional Companies

Most professional actors are already up to their ears in photographs, so the odds on the cast members buying any from me are decidedly limited. Ergo, for professional companies that want pictures for display or promotional purposes, I charge more. It's hard to say how much more. It varies. Put it this way, if the show goes bust, it won't be because you laid out too much on photographs.

FOH Portraits

There are more details in the Portrait Photography section, but I can provide standard Head-and-Shoulders shots for individuals who may not have one, or if you would like a level of consistency in the headshots, I am happy to negotiate a group rate for the company. I have my own studio in South-East London, but I have a portable lighting kit which I can set up wherever you all are, if that suits you better. Contact me with your requirements.


Take a look at my gallery of Drama Photography.

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