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Live Performance is by its very nature, ephemeral. When it's over, it's over. All that work, all those rehearsals, then as soon as the applause dies down, that's it. All finished. Goodnight Vienna. Time to do something else.
But there's no reason to let past performances slip into history unnoticed.


I've been photographing the performing arts in and around South London and Kent for years; in effect, preserving the ephemeral. The late Kenneth Tynan described his metier of theatre criticism as "embalming the transient". Same thing really, except he did it with finely-crafted sentences and a piercing intellect; I use a camera, finely-crafted by someone else, and as much intellect as I can muster. I am, however, pretty good at it by now.

Past Productions

If I've already photographed your production, and you've come to see the pictures, go the Performance page and follow the links.

The Method

Not that Method, my method. If you are an amateur, pro- or semi-pro outfit, and you have a production coming up which you'd like to have recorded for posterity, I come along and photograph your final dress-rehearsal. Assuming there's a gap of at least twenty-four hours before the paying punters arrive, I will get your prints to you in time for you to stick them all over the wall if that's what you want. If you fancy, you can get the pictures on a CD or DVD, and I can put the pictures up on this site, for viewing purposes. Naturally, anyone who wants to order reprints can do so, through this site.

The Technique

I've spent a fair bit of time on stage myself, over the years, and I'm fully aware that flashguns are the Devil's Spawn; and if they're big enough to reach the stage from further back than the third row, they're even more of a pain in the ass. I always work with the theatre lighting. In any case, lighting design is an intrinsic part of the production, so it's a bit silly me trying to provide my own.
(This isn't always easy, though; many's the time I've struggled through a show where the lighting seems, for all the world, to have been provided by glow-worms, trained to amble along the lighting-bar by yet another lighting-designer confusing moody and dramatic with plain old dark. )

The Performing Arts

Over the years, I've covered most of them, and they each have their own Page, where you can see more details about pricing and the available options, including publicity shots, rehearsal shots, front-of-house portraits and whatever else you may wish for. Each section also has its own gallery, just to persuade you that I do know what I'm doing.






Creating Drama

I recently had the pleasure of observing and recording, from start to finish, a production of "Our Country's Good" performed by Theatre 62 in West Wickham. (Technically, I was actually in it as well, but the Director didn't seem to mind me rehearsing with a camera in one hand.) See the pictures here.



Whether you are interested in a straightforward head-and-shoulders shot for front-of-house, your agent, or Spotlight, or you'd like some more exotic stuff for a portfolio, take a look at the Portraits section for price and package details.


Wedding Photography

I know you're here looking at Performance photography, but doesn't mean you might not one day need a Wedding Photographer, does it? Well, I do that too. Come and visit the other side of the site.

Tim Hinchliffe, Who He?

If you want find out a bit about me, or if you're interested in Cameras, of which I have rather a lot, come and look at my Me Page.