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In my experience of people, which goes back quite a way, most of them really don't like sitting still and having their picture taken. This includes, oddly, performers. Yes, even people who spend a lot of time on stage being looked at start getting tense if you stick them on a stool and point a camera at them.

To get a halfway decent photograph of someone who's doing nothing but sitting looking straight back at you requires more than just technical ability. You may well know what you're doing with the camera, but if your sitter is hating every minute of the experience, nothing is going to disguise that fact.
I think, from looking at my portraits, that I'm generally successful at putting people at ease; at least enough so the smiles look genuine rather than pasted on.


The thing to remember, if you're after a head-and-shoulders shot for an agency, or Spotlight or whatever, is that it's supposed to look like you. I'm not supposed to flatter you so much that you end up looking like someone else entirely. The idea is to use lighting and your best angle (alright then, a little bit of photoshoppery) to make you look you best, while still looking like you.


Portfolio stuff, on the other hand, is a lot more flexible. Then, it's more a matter of how you can look if you want to. Aspiring models are always told that just looking good isn't enough on its own; people want to see how many different styles you can apply yourself to. Or you may just want something exotic to hang over the mantelpiece. (Actually that isn't as common as all that, but never mind)


Fairly straightforward, as it happens; £50.00 for a session, after which you receive a largeish selection of the files on a CD to play with. If you're just after a headshot for front-of-house, or similar, one session is probably all you'll need; if you're looking for something more involved, it'll likely be more, but you'll have an idea anyway. For instance your standard Starter Portfolio might require between 12 and 20 different shots in it, and you're not going to be getting more than 2, or 3 maximum useable shots from each session.
Naturally, if wish to buy further prints, I'm not going to mind.


An occasional possibility, if you're looking to keep costs down is the mutual back-scratching known as TFP (TimeForPrints). In common with many photographers, I'm often wanting to try out new stuff for my own portfolio, and also, not in common with many other photographers, I have an idiotic number of cameras which need testing once in a while. If you're happy to sit still for an hour or two and smile, or not, when required, you can get, in return, some free prints or digital files for your own use. Doesn't happen all the time, or I wouldn't make a living, but there's no harm in asking. Just bear in mind that with this type of stuff, they're going to end up looking the way I want them to, not you, although I'm always open to suggestions if you have any.


Take a look at some I prepared earlier.


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