Who's Tim Hinchliffe, anyway ?

This is the place where I'm supposed to tell you a bit about myself, but I think you can overdo it, on the personal side.
I'm not going to give you the whole Facebook thing here (if you want all that, go look me up on Facebook). It's reasonable to suppose that if you're here because of my photography, either past or future, you probably don't give a rat's bum about my religious beliefs, or political allegiances. I don't care about them that much myself.
And I've no intention of starting a blog, either. I'm sure it would be great fun for almost a whole week, after which your interest would peter out pretty quickly, but nothing like as quickly as mine would.
So I'll keep the personal stuff to a decent minimum and stick to the relevant.

The Philosophy

If there is a thread linking the photography that I do, it's People. I'm a 'People Photographer'. Show me a beautiful landscape or a dramatic-looking building and I'd be asleep before I could get the lens-cap off. I'm also more of an observer than a creator. I'm happy enough doing studio work, but even there, I start from what's in front of me. Life is a long continuous series of moments; the skill of the observational photographer is in knowing instinctively (and instantly) which of those moments would make a photograph, and which wouldn't. Most of them wouldn't.

One thing leads to another

My interests in Theatre and Photography started at pretty much the same time, and have been linked ever since. The first few weddings I did were people that knew me from the theatre groups I've been involved with. Obviously that has expanded a lot since, but it did intrigue me that a couple chose me to do their wedding on the basis of the pictures I'd taken of 'Jack and the Beanstalk'.

Classic Cameras

To your truly professional photog, the camera is merely the tool of his trade; to be treated with respect, but with no more emotional attachment than an electrician has for his screwdriver. Well, the heck with that. I like cameras for themselves. They're often things of beauty and there are some you just want to sit looking at. It's probably better to take pictures with them, actually, and I'm working my way round them, but in the meantime, click here to see my collection. The page is called The Black Museum for what will become obvious reasons.

This website

Is all my own work, since I've always been temperamentally inclined to prefer messing something up myself, rather than paying someone else to mess it up for me, so any typos or mangled syntax are entirely my own fault. It was constructed to look about right at 1024 X 768, and using the Mozilla Firefox browser, which, if you're not using it already, you ought to be; it's free, it's better and it's easily downloadable from here. Did I mention it was free? I checked things out as I went, in Internet Explorer, (6, I think), and Opera, and all seemed fine. Any Safari users who spot anything amiss, let me know.
All materials are copyright to Tim Hinchliffe, 2008.


Contact Me

Either send me an E-Mail to tim@timhinchliffe.com or ring me on 07719 94 67 93 .

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